Dr. Madeleine’s top 5 low-or-no-cost summer activities!

With the first day of summer being right around the corner, and the weather having recently turned warm here in Toronto, I thought I would do a post about my favourite summer activities! Narrowing down the list is difficult, because Toronto in the summer is just bursting at the seams with fun things! However, I have nailed down what, for me, are the ones I come back to year after year….

So here you go folks – Dr. Madeleine’s top 5 low-or-no-cost summer activities:

  1. Go to the beach! We are so lucky to live in a city that is on the water. There are many beaches to choose from, however, my favourites are Woodbine beach and Ward’s island beach. And yes, you can swim in the water. Just check this site before you head out, to confirm! It is updated daily, but note: it’s best to avoid swimming 2 days after a storm (the website is 24 hours behind because it takes a day to grow the cultures for the quality tests). If you have never been to the island: GO. GO NOW!! It’s a magical, mystical, beautiful place. The ferry ride is so fun, and really inexpensive. Pack food and water and you will barely have to spend any money at all (although, I do love going to the Island Cafe). For all beaches, if you can somehow go on a weekday instead of a weekend, it’s nice to beat the crowds.
  2. Farmer’s Markets! There are Farmer’s Markets all across Toronto, on many different days of the week. They often have musicians playing, activities for kids, and of course lots of locally sourced, organic food. Nothing can beat an Ontario strawberry this time of year, I know me and my partner have been devouring them of late. I love picking up a bag full of fresh food, coming home and making a delicious, spontaneous, nourishing meal.
  3. Outdoor Movies! You guys! What is more romantic than an outdoor movie? Bring a date, bring yourself, bring your dog, bring some snacks, bring a big comfy blanket, maybe some all natural bug spray and watch a movie under the trees. They are speckled all over the city, so you’re sure to find one not too far from you!
  4. Shakespeare in the Park!! [I am seriously getting more excited with each item on this list]. I am a big fan of live theatre. I don’t go enough, but it holds a very special place in my heart, having been a Musical Theatre major in high school and coming from a family that loves and supports the arts. Shakespeare in the Park consistently casts incredible actors. This year they are doing Romeo and Juliet + A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s a pay-what-you-can event, and yes, you can bring snacks (is it obvious yet that I love snacks?). I have noticed that this event has gotten super popular in the last few years, so if you want a good seat, I would get there at least an hour early. Make sure you bring a comfy cushion or blanket to sit on too!
  5. Go see an ND! Okay, okay – shameless plug. But I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it. Why wait until the hecticness of fall to plan out your health goals? Plus, taking the time to just focus on yourself, and sit in a room with someone who provides you the wide open space to just be you feels GOOD. And although seeing an ND may not be free, many people have it covered under extended health plans. I also offer a sliding scale for anyone who needs it. Come on in and let’s make this summer all about you being your most powerful, radiant self, deal?

See you at the beach!

Dr. Madeleine Elton, ND

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