New Location, New Name, Same Gal

Photo taken by moi on Lake Huron

When I first registered my business in 2017 I used the name Metta Health Services. I have written about this previously, that Metta was a term I learned during a ten-day silent meditation retreat, and it means “loving kindness”. When I decided to work for myself, I wanted my core beliefs to align with my money-making life work. Loving kindness is at the centre of my practice and life, it’s something I am always striving for and turning towards.

As such, my social media will slowly be changing it’s name from Madeleine Elton to Metta Health Services, and potentially in time my website as well!

Okay, so we have covered the new name, but what’s the deal with the new location? Well, I am thrilled to say that starting in September, I will be accepting patients in Hamilton, Ontario! My new office (which I am in the process of getting all cozy and spacious and ready for you) is at 327 Ottawa Street North, Unit 212, in the lovely Crown Point neighbourhood. My schedule is up and appointments can be booked already! If you have feedback on what you feel would be helpful hours for me to keep, please let me know! I am experimenting with my schedule right now, but am totally open to feedback.

I will also continue to practice at Elevated Health Associates Inc in Toronto on Wednesdays from 3-8pm.

Okay, so new location, new name….all that is left is “same gal”. Yep – that’s me! Still loving to talk to all my patients about their hormones and their fertility and their mental health. Still chugging along on this wild ride called life.

I hope your summer is filled with warm breezes, toes dipped in lakes and cool treats.

In health,

Dr. Madeleine Elton, ND


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